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Organic Nature Farm

On Kinclune Estate, we breed Scottish native Highland ponies, Aberdeen Angus cattle and Welsh Lleyn sheep, alongside commercial Limousin cattle. Located near Kirriemuir, Angus, we have been 100% organic for almost two decades. We take a holistic approach to farm management, keeping nature at the heart of our farm business, actively managing the land for the greatest possible environmental benefit. 

Learn About Nature-Friendly Farming at Kinclune Estate

Enjoy our organic nature farm in all its glory on one of our organised experiences at Kinclune. Learn all about nature-friendly farming and explore all that this beautiful and diverse environment has to offer.

How we farm with nature:

  • Conservation grazing with Scottish native cattle and ponies
  • Habitat creation, restoration and improvement, including rewetting, and pockets of rewilding
  • Assessing species biodiversity through annual monitoring and surveying
  • Adapting farming calendar, grassland and livestock management for ground nesting birds
  • carbon auditing and maximising carbon sequestration through soil and grassland management
  • Agroforestry and sustainable continuous-cover woodland management, tree and hedge planting

Organic Produce for Sale

Organic Cattle for Sale

7 month old organic certified AAx and Limx calves for sale after weaning (November / December)

Organic Silage for Sale

High quality, low weed burden, organic silage for sale in winter and spring. Collection from Kirriemuir, Angus. We can arrange loading.

Scottish Organic Producers Association Certified

Kinclune Estate, our farm and produce are certified organic from the ground up. Our produce also carries the Scottish Red Meat Sector’s premium brand, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Assured. The QMS Cattle and Sheep Assurance Scheme give absolute priority to animal welfare and wellbeing


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Our Gallery

Curlew in flight
Highland pony stallion
Aerial view of Kinclune House
Kinclune House drawing room at Christmas
highland pony filly
Kinclune House master bedroom
Sheep on path in autumn
Champagne glasses by the Tower bath
Red squirrel in a tree
Roe deer in a meadow
Osprey on eyrie
Highland pony foal
Waxwing in a bush
View through trees in Kinclune House garden
Kinclune House master bathroom
Kinclune House drawing room
Kinclune House kitchen and range cooker
Kinclune House kitchen and dining room
Ponies on the hill
View from Tower bedroom