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Nature at Heart: Our Sustainability Story

1st November 2023

If you're considering a holiday, but wondering about your carbon footprint, look no-further than an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday at Kinclune House and Estate.

By holidaying with us, or booking one of our nature-based experiences, you are supporting a unique, family-run, ‘organic nature farm’ and the conservation of a stunning and important natural environment. We put nature at the heart of our business decisions and were awarded the RSPB Nature of Scotland Food and Farming Award for our innovative approach, which we apply both to our farm and agritourism businesses.

Here’s why Kinclune Estate is a sustainable holiday destination:

  1. Organic farming - Kinclune has been organic for almost 20 years which, simply put, means more biodiversity from the soil up. As a result, we manage diverse habitats and rare wildlife, alongside our native ponies, cattle and sheep. With woodland, grassland and wetland habitats for species including red squirrel, osprey, tawny owl, barn owl, badger, otter, pine marten, skylark, curlew, lapwing, black grouse, brown long-eared bats and red kite, to name just a few, we are blessed to manage a spectacular piece of Scotland’s natural environment.
  2. Carbon auditing - We audit our farm business to ensure we keep our emissions to a minimum, while managing woodlands and grasslands which act as carbon sinks.
  3. Pro-active nature conservation - We don’t just spare a field edge for nature, we are creating and improving habitats for wildlife including: wetland and pond creation; conservation grazing and grazing management for biodiversity; hedge and tree planting. You can learn more about our work and support it by booking one of our farm experiences.
  4. Collaboration is key – We work with organisations including: Nature Scot, Scotland’s nature agency; the RSPB; Working for Waders; Bug Life; Sustainable Kirriemuir; Scottish Agritourism; the Nature Friendly Farmers Network; and local farms and estates. On our own, our impact on the climate and biodiversity crises may be small, but together we are a powerhouse for change.
  5. Heat, power and energy efficiency – We are upgrading the energy efficiency of all our houses with double-glazing, internal-wall insulation and smart heating. As we’re relatively remote and have historic, heritage properties, we don’t have a full range of options for heat and power, however, where appropriate, we’ve installed renewables. We are also conserving and improving our historic buildings with the recent refurbishment of listed, Kinclune House, and the conversion of Kinclune Steading, commencing soon.
  6. Support local travel and local communities – Flying is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, but there are stunning holiday destinations on our doorstep in Scotland and the UK. We provide an EV charger for guests at Kinclune House, so you can travel guilt-free. By supporting us, you are reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the local community and local economy. Angus, often referred to as a ‘hidden gem’, is not often cited as a tourist destination, but has so much to offer from gorgeous landscapes and wildlife to authentic, original local businesses such as The Gin Bothy and Peel Farm Cafe and Shop. Visit A Longer Table in Kirriemuir for sustainable produce and look up our community group, Sustainable Kirriemuir, to see a local community that really cares. Finally, check out the Cateran Ecomuseum, an online resource, offering brilliant walking and cycling routes for the local area.  

Come and stay at Kinclune House or join one of our experiences to be part of our vision for a sustainable future!

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Roe deer in a meadow
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