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Celebrate Easter in Style at Kinclune!

11th March 2024

Tired of the same old Easter routine? Escape the mundane this spring, ditch the DIY and embrace the joy of spring at Kinclune!

Kinclune offers the perfect Easter escape for you and your loved ones. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature, surrounded by the fresh optimism of new life.

Spring means lambing, calving and foaling on Kinclune, so there will be plenty to see.

Spring at Kinclune

The wildlife is busy too with nest building and birdsong. We’ve been working with the RSPB since 2020 to create the perfect habitat for ground nesting farmland birds and you’ll be amazed by the sounds of Skylark, Curlew and Lapwing, alongside our resident Osprey.

Osprey nest

Did you know many of the UK’s rarest farmland birds are actually ground nesting? This means their nests and young are vulnerable to accidental damage from regular farm activities (vehicles, machinery and cropping, livestock trampling). We manage our land in a way that seeks to ensure their protection.

Curlew eggs, lapwing eggs and curlew chicks
Curlew eggs, Lapwing eggs and Curlew chicks

We’ve been organic for almost 20 years which means healthier soils, more invertebrates offering rich food sources for birds, and more biodiversity overall. Since 2020 we’ve been improving habitat for our Curlew and Lapwing, monitoring nesting pairs and excluding vehicles, machinery and livestock to ensure these Red List species have the best possible chance of breeding success. In 2021, we were proud to receive the RSPB Nature of Scotland Award for this work.

Escape to nature this spring at Kinclune and we’ll show you!

Kinclune House (sleeps 10) and the Osprey Annex (sleeps 4) offer luxurious self-catering accommodations, perfect for both family gatherings and romantic getaways. Looking for a larger space? Book both the House and Annex together!

Don't miss out on this incredible Easter opportunity!


  • Kinclune House (Easter week): £2490 per week
  • Osprey Annex (Easter week): £549 per week
  • Kinclune House and Osprey Annex (Easter week): £3000
  • Up to 2 dogs per property at no extra cost!

Book your Easter Escape or Nature Experience today!

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Aerial view of Kinclune House
View through trees in Kinclune House garden
Highland pony foal
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Kinclune House kitchen and dining room
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Kinclune House master bathroom
Kinclune House kitchen and range cooker
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Kinclune House master bedroom
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Kinclune House drawing room at Christmas
Roe deer in a meadow
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